Friday, June 4, 2010


Here is my eight page book that I made in inDesign. It is pictures taken of some of the things that I love about Ecuador, I hope that someone who looks at these images are curious to learn more and visits Ecuador!!!

Table of Contents

This is my table of contents that I made for our inDesign assignment. It was taken from the choices that we had, the reason I picked it was because Kick Ass was a GREAT movie!

Personal Image #8

For my last personal post I will post a picture of my little sister that I took in front of Ikes Place. Ikes Place was featured in the San Francisco episode of Man v Food, and of course I went. Ikes Place is a tiny little shop but there is constantly a line out the door of people waiting to receive strange sandwiches. My little sister and my friends accompanied me to Ikes Place and we had a BLAST! The food is amazing with sandwiches that are big, and a bit pricy. We met Ike and gave him the nickname Spicy (which, randomly, he was called in high school). If you ever want suggestions of where to eat then you should watch shows like Man v Food, you dont have to do crazy food challenges but the food is often (for me 100% of the time) really good!!!

Visual Research #8

When playing video games one often doesnt realize the hard work and dedication needed to accomplish the finished product. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of my favorite video games that I own. The game is full of detail and effects, and I often sit and wonder how long it would take someone to draw all of those items. Someone spent hours making every detail of those helicopters to make them look as realistic as possible. Furthermore they add animation to it so that they move and come to life. We are used to seeing art as a form of still expression, but video games are a form of art that moves. The art acts and moves in response to what the player does, truly this is amazing.

Personal Image #7

This is a picture that I took pre opening of the Latino Student Union's Cinco De Mayo event. This event took a lot of time, planning, dedication, phone calls, and effort to put together. There is a blissful feeling when everything is ready in the hours leading up to an event. Its a time where you can sit and look at the results of your hard work. This moment of pensive thought is normally accomplished before the crowd shows up, since you return to being busy and running around!!! I was so glad I did it when it was all said and done.

Visual Research #7

For my capstone I made a website, and asked my friend to make a banner. This is the banner for Imagination Unlimited Comics. The banner shows a strong eyed figure that is staring off into the distance. The log, from the last post, is in the middle of the forehead. The logo seems to have just landed on the forehead. The eyes have the same color flash coming out from them as the logo does.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Personal Post #6

This picture is one that I took in Guatemala. My family and I where taking a walk through the neighborhood and we noticed this fuzzy little creature hanging out in a hammock. When I approached I said hi to the guy hanging in his patio and asked if we could see his "pet". I noticed that he had a pet raccoon, it was just hanging out there. He told me it would hang out in his patio and he decided to keep it. He feeds it and shelters it, but it mainly enjoys hanging out on the patio. The picture shows the calm cool attitude of this normally wild animal.